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lucky soul (gosh, we are so retro!)(1/?)
russia/america, pg-13
AU! waiter!alfred (on rollerskates), artsy-but-not!ivan, an awkward college romance.
The Russian allows his eyes to travel over the man’s attire, from the bubblegum pink roller skates up to the silver nametag—Alfred— to the handsome, boyish face lined in golden hair, and bright blue eyes staring back at him expectantly.

but it was you who cleaned up all my messesCollapse )
19 February 2010 @ 02:50 pm

celebration guns (1/4)
jongkey, pg-15 
AU!  Superpower!Shinee, mass evacuations and genocide, really confusing and cheesy romance at some point.  
He lifts his palm towards the roof; the pitch black is suddenly illuminated by the smallest flame, dancing on his finger, before he extinguishes it a second later, heart thumping rapidly with an exhilaration he hasn’t been allowed to feel in months. Tomorrow, he promises the ceiling. Freedom.
a/n:  THIS THING'S FINISHED PRODUCT IS SO LONG ON WORD.  i haven't written this quickly, ever ;__; so please let me    know if there are 240832 mistakes.  I abuse italics and semi-colons btw. this genre's kind of already been done in the shinee fandom, huh?  well, i was watching the heroes season finale when this idea came about, so.  ZAZZLE. \o/ does anyone watch heroes?  sylar turned good forever, can this be?! I NEED A NEXT SEASON.  i kind of want to blame this on my passion pit/zero 7/e.s posthumus epic if-i-ever-made-a-movie playlist too (e.s. posthumus's new album, omg, have you guys listened to it yet, my ears are so happy right now!).  title from "Celebration Guns" by Stars. oh,
LIST OF SUPERHUMAN FEATURES AND ABILITIES. i guess this is for [info]lithiumxroses since she stole my laptop before i could continue the way this was going before. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU ♥~

goonight, sleeplight, stranger.Collapse )
14 December 2008 @ 06:15 pm
 a dose of adolescence
g, general/ot5/wthCRRRAACCCCKKKK.; 672 words
in which the boys kidnap taemin and hold a party in the bathroom. also, in which the youngest two are the more mature ones. again.
the tribulations of growing upCollapse )
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